Team Leader: Loïc Dayon, Ph.D. Contact

The focus of our team is the development and application of proteomic methods in molecular, pre-clinical, clinical and translational research through cutting-edge mass spectrometry and other bioanalytics. Large-scale clinical proteomic studies are performed in the fields of brain and metabolic health to enable innovation in personalized nutrition and diagnostics. In addition, we support research programs designed to better understand cellular signaling pathways and networks through proteomic analysis.

Key Goals

  • Develop and enhance our cutting-edge proteomic platform with new technologies and workflows spanning from sample preparation via automation and mass spectrometry to data processing and analysis.
  • Contribute to understanding heath and disease phenotypes through large-scale analysis of proteins.
  • Support or lead clinical research studies in metabolic and brain health.
  • Support molecular and cellular biology programs in diabetes, circadian biology, mitochondrial function, stem cells, and muscle health.


Key Publications of the Group

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