Muscle Health

Group Head: Jérôme N. Feige, Ph.D. Contact

The mission of the group is to study the mechanisms leading to the dysfunction of skeletal muscle during aging, particularly the condition of sarcopenia, in which muscle mass and muscle function decline due to age. Sarcopenia involves multiple pathophysiological processes such as impaired neuro-muscular transition, altered excitation/contraction coupling, impaired regenerative capacity linked to stem cell exhaustion, defects of mitochondrial and energy metabolism in myofibers, and finally adipose tissue infiltration and fibrosis. Our research approach focuses on understanding these different pathophysiological mechanisms to provide novel concepts for intervention strategies and biomarker discovery.

Key Goals

  • Characterize molecular, cellular and nutritional mechanisms causing sarcopenia and muscle stem cell failure during aging.
  • Develop human cellular models of muscle function.
  • Discover novel biomakers and therapeutic intervention concepts for the nutritional management of muscle weakness.

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Key Publications of the Group

Pannérec A, Migliavacca E, De Castro A, Michaud J, Karaz S, Goulet L, Rezzi S, Ng TP, Bosco N, Larbi A and Feige JN. Vitamin B12 deficiency and impaired expression of amnionless during aging. Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle, DOI: 10.1002/jcsm.12260, 2017. Read our news release.

Lukjanenko L, Jung MJ, Hegde N, Perruisseau–Carrier C, Migliavacca E, Rozo M, Karaz S, Jacot G, Schmidt H, Li L, Metairon S, Raymond R, Lee U, Sizzano F, Wilson DH, Dumont NA, Palini A, Fässler R, Steiner P, Descombes P, Rudnicki MA, Fan CM, von Maltzahn J, Feige JN & Bentzinger CF. Loss of Fibronectin from the Aged Stem Cell Niche Affects the Regenerative Capacity of Skeletal Muscle in Mice. Nature Medicine, 22(8):897-905, 2016. See news release

Pannérec A, Springer M, Migliavacca E, Ireland A, Piasecki M, Karaz S, Jacot G, Métairon S, Danenberg E, Raymond F, Descombes P, McPhee JS, Feige JN. A robust neuromuscular system protects rat and human skeletal muscle from sarcopenia. Aging (Albany NY). 8(4):712-29, 2016. See news release

Lukjanenko L, Brachat S, Pierrel E, Lach-Trifilieff E, Feige JN*. Genomic profiling reveals that transient adipogenic activation is a hallmark of mouse models of skeletal muscle regeneration. PLoS One, 8(8):e71084, 2013.

Fournier B, Murray B, Gutzwiller S, Marcaletti S, Marcellin D, Bergling S, Persohn E, Pierrel E, Bombard F, Hatakeyama S, Trendelenburg AV, Morvan F, Richardson B, Glass DJ, Lach-Trifilieff E & Feige JN*. Blockade of the Activin Receptor IIB Activates Functional Brown Adipogenesis and Thermogenesis by Inducing Mitochondrial Oxidative Metabolism. Mol. Cell. Biol, 32(14):2871-9, 2012.

* These publications refer to work done by the scientist/s prior to joining the Nestlé Institute of Health    Sciences.