Beta Cell Biology

Team Leader: Elhadji Dioum, Ph.D. Contact

The main purpose of the Islet Function group is to identify and characterize novel G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and signaling molecules that regulate pancreatic β-cell function and maintenance, processes necessary for insulin secretion and glucose homeostasis. The ultimate goal of the lab is to develop nutritional interventions that promote optimal function of pancreatic β cells predict and prevent the onset of diabetes. We will achieve this by developing molecular biology tools and cellular models of signaling pathways that regulate energy homeostasis.

Key Goals

  • Characterize molecular signaling regulated by novel G protein regulator of neurite outgrowth (Gprin), in pancreatic islets and in the brain.
  • Functional validation of novel islet GPCRs as targets involved in nutrients and metabolic sensing in the β-cells. Activation of these targets promotes pancreatic β-cell function and expansion.
  • Deliver scientific knowledge for Nestlé business innovation in personalized nutrition for pre-diabetics and patients with metabolic syndrome.
  • Taking into account molecular similarities between neurons and β-cell, expand the scope of research to neuronal signaling pathways that regulate.


Key Publications of the Group*

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