Lipid Biology

Group Head: Mojgan Masoodi, Ph.D. Contact

Our group’s overall goal is to understand lipid metabolism, focusing on the metabolism and signaling of fatty acids and related bioactive lipids during dyslipidemia and the inflammatory response. Our ultimate aim is to develop new and innovative approaches for nutritional interventions that could improve lipid metabolism, and thus could potentially prevent the onset of many common human diseases associated with dyslipidemia and unresolved inflammation. Using combination of observational clinical studies that monitor lipid metabolism during disease progress and in vivo/in vitro models that elucidate related mechanisms would allow us to define a roadmap for successful lipid-based nutritional intervention.

Key Goals

  • Identify new targets for nutritional intervention strategies for improving lipid metabolism, through pre-clinical models and human clinical intervention studies.
  • Combine biological models with dedicated statistical and data mining methodologies ultimately facilitating a deeper understanding of lipid metabolism and the immunomodulatory role of lipids.
  • Comprehensively identify and quantify a wide range of structural and bioactive lipids in various sample types with high precision and reproducibility on our state-of-the-art lipidomics platform.
  • Support product innovation by providing scientific knowledge in the field of lipid biology.


Key Publications of the Group*

Valsesia, A.; Saris, W. H.; Astrup, A.; Hager, J.; Masoodi, M Distinct lipid profiles predict improved glycemic control in obese, nondiabetic patients after a low-caloric diet intervention: the Diet, Obesity and Genes randomized trial. Am J Clin Nutr 2016, 104, 566-575. See news release

Trepanier, M. O.; Eiden, M.; Morin-Rivron, D.; Bazinet, R. P.; Masoodi, M High-resolution lipidomics coupled with rapid fixation reveals novel ischemia-induced signaling in the rat neurolipidome. J Neurochem 2016.

Morin-Rivron, D.; Christinat, N.; Masoodi, M Lipidomics Analysis of Long Chain Fatty Acyl-Coenzyme A in Liver, Brain, Muscle and Adipose Tissue by LC-MS/MS. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 2016.

Thevenet, J.; De Marchi, U.; Domingo, J. S.; Christinat, N.; Bultot, L.; Lefebvre, G.; Sakamoto, K.; Descombes, P.; Masoodi, M.; Wiederkehr, A. Medium-chain fatty acids inhibit mitochondrial metabolism in astrocytes promoting astrocyte-neuron lactate and ketone body shuttle systems. FASEB J 2016, 30, 1913-1926.

Christinat, N.; Morin-Rivron, D.; Masoodi, M. A High-throughput Quantitative Lipidomics Analysis of Non-esterified Fatty Acids in Human Plasma. J Proteome Res 2016.

Masoodi, M.; Kuda, O.; Rossmeisl, M.; Flachs, P.; Kopecky J. Lipid signaling in adipose tissue: Connecting inflammation & metabolism. Biochim Biophys Acta 2015, 1851, 503-518.

*Some of these publications were done before the scientist/s joined the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences