Data Management and Biobanking

Group Head: Alessio Palini, Ph.D. Contact

Data Management

The effective management of scientific data has grown in importance as businesses are subject to an increasing number of compliance regulations. Furthermore, the sheer volume of scientific data that must be managed has increased so markedly that it is sometimes referred to as “big data”. The data management team assists in the organization, administration and governance of large volumes of both structured and unstructured data. The team also strives to ensure that research data is stored, persisted, made accessible for use and reuse and disposed of, according to legal, regulatory, ethical and contractual requirements.

Key Goals

  • Facilitate the integration of data from disparate sources.
  • Ensure primary data, upon which scientific results are drawn, is accessible long term.
  • Ensure mechanisms to guarantee provenance/origin of data are in place.
  • Ensure that proper and adequate data ownership is in place.
  • Develop and maintain procedures to ensure safe storage, archival and disposal of data.


The NIHS Biobanking activity is a central hub for the acceptance, storage and distribution of samples and associated data for medical-scientific research within the Institute. Human biological samples are organized and stored in a systematic way to ensure specimen integrity and tracking. The team regulates the flow of samples between biobank storage and the scientific platforms throughout NIHS and/or external collaborators. The team also ensures that all ethical and legal requirements are maintained for sample acceptance, handling, use and analysis, and that proper sample disposal procedures are observed.

Key Goals

  • Provide human sample receipt, tracking and storage.
  • Ensure that all ethical and legal (Human Research Act) requirements are met.
  • Facilitate sample tracking and specimen recovery in support of research activities.
  • Maintain accurate documentation of samples.
  • Ensure the sample chain of custody is maintained.