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Partnership and collaboration facilitates the exchange of scientific expertise, methods and technologies, to achieve the highest global research standards.

Since its creation, the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences has established a number of collaborations with academic and industrial partners both at the national and international level.

Read below a few examples of our current partnerships.

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EPFL, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne


NIHS is located within the EPFL Innovation Park on the campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne. By locating here, NIHS is optimally positioned to develop strong research collaborations with the technical university: several collaborative projects are currently ongoing and more are being set up in research areas of mutual interest.

Several NIHS senior scientists have obtained adjunct professor and lecturer affiliation status with EPFL thereby contributing to strengthen and leverage the relationship.  


Photo by Alain Herzog


University collaborations

The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences has entered into collaborations with a number of European research institutes. Examples include the Tartu Estonian Genome Center (Read the News) and Bologna University (Read the News).

The ongoing collaboration with Tartu aims at better understanding the biological mechanisms that are involved in long term weight maintenance.  The Genome Centre of the University of Tartu has one of the world’s largest population based biobanks.

In collaboration with Bologna University in Italy, NIHS scientists together with scientists from the Nestlé Research Centre identified, for the first time, the molecular footprints of longevity. The study published in the PLOS ONE journal reported the discovery of the metabolic phenotype of healthy human ageing and longevity.


Collaborations with biotech companies

NIHS has also entered in a number of collaborations with industrial partners. For example it has entered into agreements with two US based companies, ViaCyte Inc (Read the news) and Cellular Dymamics International Inc (Read the news) with the aim of integrating leading cell technologies for its research on health and disease.