Research & Innovation

The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences was established as a new frontier of the Nestlé R&D capability to conduct pioneering research in the innovative area of targeted health science nutrition.

The scientific areas of health and nutrition are especially important to Nestlé since they provide the basis for understanding human nutrition and for finding appropriate targeted solutions for people with the ultimate aim of enhancing people’s quality of life.

The goal of our research is to better understand health and therefore the progression on a continuum from health to chronic disease conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and obesity. This provides a context for healthcare and nutritional interventions that help to improve the management of these conditions which are increasingly placing an unsustainable burden on the world’s healthcare systems.

We have established leading edge capabilities in new technologies and biological models. Our research uses an Integrated Systems Approach which aims to define health and to provide an understanding of the relationship of genetics, diet and lifestyle to ultimately propose new science-based solutions for targeted nutritional interventions.