Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences to pioneer new research avenues for developing the next generation of nutritional status assessment

The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences SA (NIHS) and Waters Corporation, a company based in Massachusetts, USA, formally commence their collaboration today following the arrival of the first of two dedicated postdoctoral researchers.

The aim of this collaboration is to develop a new generation of assays for the quantification of vitamins in biological fluids such as blood and urine, building upon NIHS’ expertise within the nutrients & micronutrients research field and Waters’ state of the art analytical chromatography and mass spectrometry technologies.

Current laboratory analyses of nutrients in biological samples lack sensitivity, throughput and are limited in the number of molecules that can be measured simultaneously. New analytical methods able to quantify a broad range of nutrients and micronutrients in a sensitive, robust and comprehensive manner are thus required. In particular, the quantification of vitamins and their related metabolites in biological matrices represents one of the most difficult challenges within the field.

The collaboration targets the development of assays that will be competitive in terms of speed, accuracy and precision.

NIHS aims to utilize its new analytical methods to open new research avenues for developing nutrient testing for monitoring the efficacy of targeted nutritional interventions applied to patients (medical nutrition) or to general populations (fortification).

“We want to understand the molecular relationships between nutrients and the physiological regulatory processes in healthy individuals and patients and this at different life stages. The newly developed nutrient analytics will provide a comprehensive picture of nutrient status that will be investigated in relation with age, health status and genetic background” said Dr. Emmanuel Baetge, Head of the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences.

NIHS researcher Serge Rezzi continues “in future, these tools will help to better define the specific nutrient needs of people with different diets and lifestyles around the world while offering a way to quantify their actual biological response to nutrition”.

NIHS also aims to bring a significant contribution to the definition of competitive, standardized and scientifically accepted new means to nutrient diagnostics in clinical environments.

This project fully aligns with the NIHS mission for developing and applying continuously evolving science to understand the complex interplay between nutrition and health and to pave the way towards future targeted nutrition for the person in every patient or consumer.


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