Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences takes lipidomics approach to understand the role of lipids in healthy metabolism and immune function

Lausanne, Switzerland – October 7th , 2015 – Lipids are important components of our diet, playing crucial roles in maintaining cell structure (e.g. phospholipids), energy storage (e.g. triglycerides) and signaling (e.g. fatty acids). The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie the way lipids support healthy metabolism and immune function. 

As part of its lipidomics research efforts, NIHS recently collaborated with the German company Lipotype GmbH, a Max Planck-Institute spin-off company, to validate and deploy high-throughput lipid profiling in blood plasma samples. Publishing jointly in the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology1 this month, NIHS applied Lipotype’s technology, demonstrating robustness, reproducibility, high throughput and negligible technical variation of data acquired in different sites.

Lipotype’s technology will serve as one of the modules in NIHS’ lipidomic approach which will contribute to the Institute’s development of innovative nutritional solutions promoting healthy metabolism. “The human lipid metabolism is tightly regulated, understanding the process requires very complex and diverse information on lipids that can only be acquired using a lipidomic approach.” says Mojgan Masoodi, who leads lipid research at NIHS. “Our state-of-the-art lipidomics platform can comprehensively identify and quantify a wide range of structural and bioactive lipids in various sample types, and do so with high precision and reproducibility. We will work with our colleagues who have proven expertise in gastrointestinal, metabolic and brain health, as well as with internationally recognized external collaborators in the medical and nutritional sciences. Having built a significant knowledge-base, we will use it to develop new and innovative solutions to support Nestlé’s role as the world’s leader in nutrition, health and wellness.”

About NIHS:

NIHS is a biomedical research institute, part of the Nestlé’s global R&D network, dedicated to fundamental research aimed at understanding health and disease and developing science-based targeted nutritional solutions for the maintenance of health. To achieve its aim, NIHS employs state-of-the-art technologies and biological models to characterise health and disease with a holistic and integrated approach. The ultimate goal of the Institute is to develop knowledge that can empower people to better maintain their health through nutritional approaches, especially in relation to their molecular profile and lifestyle status.

  1. 1. MA Surma, R Herzog, A Vasilj, C Klose, N Christinat, D Morin-Rivron, K Simons, M Masoodi, and JL Sampaio ‘An Automated Shotgun Lipidomics Platform for High Throughput, Comprehensive, and Quantitative Analysis of Blood Plasma Intact Lipids” European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology (2015) doi:10.1002/ejlt.201500145.

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