Head of our institute

Message from Dr Ed Baetge

I am proud to welcome you to the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences. This is a unique visionary endeavor by Nestlé to create a research institute dedicated to the development of scientific methods to improve health through nutrition.  The institute has been purposefully embedded on the campus of the EPFL - École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne - to allow for seamless scientific and cross-fertilisation and collaboration across the two institutions.

NIHS is establishing and employing advanced technology platforms to combine bottom up mechanism of action with top down holistic approaches to better define health and disease states.  The long term vision of NIHS is to create knowledge to empower the maintenance of health through a better understanding and application of science-based nutritional solutions to deliver improved targeted health care.  At the institute we embrace our genetic, dietary and lifestyle differences and are applying a Bioinformatics Systems science approach to the development of an integrated picture of health status for improved application of nutritional solutions.  We strongly believe that the food we consume on a daily basis comprises the largest single influence on our health.

Developing the tools and methods to better phenotype and model the interactions of micro data (genes, proteins, metabolites, nutrients) with macro data (diet, activity, lifestyle) will provide insight and targets for future nutritional and lifestyle interventions.  NIHS has been created to contribute to the generation of a greater scientific understanding and application of this knowledge for the preservation of health.